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The number of people working remotely is on the rise. A recent study found that 43 percent of U.S. employees worked from home at least part of the time in 2016, up from 39 percent in 2012. And this trend is not limited to America alone; a Regus study showed that the number of people working remotely worldwide has increased by almost a third in the last three years.

There are many reasons for this growth. On the one hand, advances in technology have made it easier for employees to work from home. And, with so many companies now offering flexible working arrangements, more and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to work from home. In addition, there is growing evidence that remote work can be good for employees and employers. Employees appreciate the flexibility and freedom of working remotely while companies save money on office space and equipment.

Despite these advantages, managing a remote workforce can be challenging. Fortunately, several tools are available to facilitate this process. Sunny Experience uses many different tools to track what its employees are working on and make sure everyone stays on track. Here are some of them:


Asana is one of the tools we use here at Sunny Experience. We love its user experience, it is pleasant to use and simple. The Asana management platform helps our team organize, track, and manage their work. It is designed to help teams better coordinate and communicate in order to do their jobs more effectively. It has several features specifically designed for remote teams. For example, the “My Tasks” feature allows employees to see all the tasks they are responsible for in one place. This is especially useful for employees who work on multiple projects at the same time which is common in SMEs. In addition, Asana’s notification system ensures that all team members are kept up to date with the latest developments.

Google Workspace

Another tool we use here at Sunny Experience is Google Workspace. It is a remote work management tool that allows employees to collaborate online. It allows employees to share documents, chat with each other, and track the progress of their work. In addition, it has several features that can help businesses save money such as the ability to hold video conferences and share calendars. Overall, Google Workspace is a powerful tool that can help businesses manage their workforce remotely more efficiently.

Power BI

Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) tool that allows you to track and analyze your business data. With Power BI, you can track important metrics like sales, customer engagement, and website traffic. This allows you to easily see your company’s performance and identify areas where you could improve.

Power BI also has built-in reporting tools that make it easy to create professional-looking reports. And with its interactive dashboards, you can easily view and analyze your data in different ways.

Power BI is a great option if you are looking for a BI tool that provides comprehensive data analysis. It is easy to use and comes with a wide range of features that allow you to track your business’ performance in detail. So, if you want to better understand your company’s data, Power BI is the tool for you. Power BI is one of our favorite tools!


Okta is an enterprise-grade identity management service designed for the cloud, but compatible with many on-premises applications. With Okta, companies can easily create and manage user accounts, passwords, and permissions for their employees. This makes it easy for companies to ensure that their employees follow the company’s security protocols when working remotely. Okta also allows companies to monitor and track employee activity, making it easier to identify potential security risks. Okta is an essential tool for companies that want to protect their data and ensure that their employees are productive when working remotely.


Canva is a great remote work tool because it is easy to use and allows for a lot of flexibility in terms of design. Whether it is creating a flyer, poster or social media graphic, Canva makes it easy to customize your design and achieve the desired results. And, since it is cloud-based, you can access your designs from any computer or device.

In addition to being a great design tool, Canva is also a great way to manage your team remotely. With its easy-to-use interface, you can easily assign tasks to team members and track their progress. Plus, you can use Canva’s collaboration features to give feedback on designs or brainstorm ideas with your team. But, our favorite feature here at Sunny Experience is the content planner. Canva’s content planner lets you drag and drop your creations into a calendar and schedule posts on your favorite social media so you can easily see what is coming and plan accordingly.

If you are looking for a remote work tool that will help you with both design and team management, Canva is a great option. And the best part pf it all, it is free!

HubSpot CRM

Sales and support teams need a way to connect with customers regardless of their location. HubSpot CRM is the perfect tool to manage remote sales and support teams. It allows you to track customer interactions and communications, making it easy to take charge quickly. Plus, HubSpot CRM lets you create an amazing newsletter. We know this because we tried it!

In short, Hubspot can help you increase leads, accelerate sales, organize your contacts, and better serve your customers. There are so many features out there that it is probably the tool to have for any sales and support team, regardless of the company’s workspace.

If you are looking for a complete CRM solution, look no further than HubSpot CRM. It has everything you need to manage your relationships with customers. Sunny Experience is a HubSpot solution partner that specializes in providing HubSpot implementation support for businesses that want to use it as a CRM. We also offer ongoing support for your growth strategy and ensure that you grow with your customers.

For more information about HubSpot CRM, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you take your business to the next level!


There are many different tools that can help you be more efficient in your work. There are also amazing and easy-to-use tools when you want to supervise employees who work from home! Each tool can be applied differently depending on your type of business and Sunny Experience can help you choose the one that best suits your needs!

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